Some words for you, if you want to become an Ecstatic Dance DJ.

I would like to share my experiences about the Ecstatic Dance DJ training last May 2019. This was so incredibly great. We danced every day and learned so many skills about DJ-ing. During this course there where about 10 teachers who truly wanted to help us, they were passionate about their job. Most of our questions were answered straight away. Some questions where a bit more challenging, but there was always an answer. This is no wonder because both manuals, the software and the hardware, are thick as an atlas or the bible. The teachers shared their little secrets and tips and tops, so do ask! This is what you can’t find in any manual. Some things will only happen in this course.

During this course, I’ve had a couple visualizations. One of them was this. The course became a raindrop and I was a lake, open for rain, to be nourished and be moved. Only one drop can change a whole lake. It touched me in the center of my heart. I’ve learned a lot and felt safe to explore and play around. The water in my lake is still moving. I was part of a lovely group and I could decide how much and when I wanted to interact with the other participants. It’s up to you! For me, it was finding a good balance of social interactions and Me-time. There is a nice woodland path you can walk, where you can see the beauty of nature, to feel mother’s heartbeat. I felt completely surrounded by beautiful trees and landscape.

You think yes! And maybe what an investment! Believe it was worth every penny. All the teachers have so much knowledge, they’ve had their own trainings and learning paths, they come from all different parts of the world. Bernice and Donna and the rest of the team are working their buts of, to create a 7-days-intensive. It’s up to you to get everything out of it. You can join a program from 7:30 in the morning until late in the evening. It’s not only an investment for this training. It can be life changing! You might become one of the best Ecstatic DJ’s in your country or even in the world!

A little bit about me. I run 3 Ecstatic’s at different venues in Holland. Sometimes we get invited by other organizations for our workshop “diving deeper into Ecstatic Dance”. And sometimes for a whole ecstatic dance evening, including opening-ceremony, dance and closing down meditation. The dances in the evening can be filled by a group of 20 to 100 dancers depending on the venue. We organize 8 retreats spread over the year. Dance and stillness are the base of these retreats. They are about dancing all the colours of your life, the sun, the rain, the shadow, storms and lazy afternoons. Dancers will give themselves a present to be present.

Although our organization has already existed for over 6 years and has organized Ecstatic dances for the last 3 years, this training was a bliss for us. It made me more me and us more we. Joining this course with my companion made our collaboration grow. During the training we had plenty of time for sharing and diving in the good, and plenty of parts in which we could grow. It was a training in a training.

Thanks Bernice Raabis and Donna Carroll for this shared adventure, you are two amazing hard-working ladies’, you have humor, are warm and good teachers. Thanks for being the raindrop in the ocean, it moves all the water, and changing my Ecstatic Dance Experience.

Lots of Love

~ Coby ~